Film Review Guidelines

Note: Reviews are in no particular order, either alphabetical or by genre, year or otherwise. The list is created in a naturally progressive manner, as they are seen, they are reviewed. There is a convenient pull down menu to the right that you can scroll through to find a title you might be interested in.

There will be a “mainstream” written review and a technical rating, followed by a kinky review and rating.

The breakdown is as follows:

Mainstream” reviews are 0 to 4 stars;

0 is worthless

½ is awful

1 is bad

1 ½ is not for everyone

2 is average

2 ½ is worth seeing

3 is good

3 ½ is excellent

4 is a must see.

The kinky reviews are 0 to 4 as well, but:

0 is no kink to report,

½ Weak on the kink, mostly squandered potential

1 is low key\not particularly detailed,

1 ½ is generally low key, good for specific scenes,

2 is OK all around general kinky content, may be good for specific fetish types,

2 ½ is for pretty good general kinky content, good specific scenes,

3 is for strong scenes or frequent kinky content,

3 ½ very strong high quality kinky content,

4 is basically a fetish film.

To be consistent in my “mainstream” ratings, I break down each “star” into points. Each can be 0 to 1 in ¼ increments. With 4 categories to rate for each film reviewed, it is simple math to add the totals for each and come up with an overall rating. If you wind up with a mathematical extra ¼ point, then you can round up or down depending on your typical practice or gut feelings. This is how it breaks down;

0 to 1 point for Cinematography\special effects\visual elements, etc…

0 to 1 point for Acting\dialog, etc…(execution of dialog separate from screenplay.)

0 to 1 point for overall execution\direction\editing, etc…

0 to 1 point for concept\screenplay*\storyline, etc…

*If the actors are bad at delivering a good screenplay or the bad screenplay takes away from good acting, keep in mind to only penalize the category that is most responsible.

The kinky review is less scientific and more gut motivated. Typically it is hard to tell what someone gets into sexually so when the film is reviewed I bear in mind a wide variety of interests. It is virtually impossible to even imagine everyone’s “kink engine” so there is sure to be something missed at one point or another, but if you don’t fall too far off the hay wagon it should give you a place to look up your own hearts desire.

OBS: At risk of being vague or sometimes muddled, I will never spoil a movie neither in plot points or ending!

My kink reviews differ from my main reviews in several ways: For one, my kink reviews do not review the main story at all, only the sexuality. This is very important from the ratings standpoint, as there is no correlation between my kink rating and main rating. Also, while I reveal no specific scenes or dialog in my main reviews, I may occasionally do so in my kink reviews. I do take pains not to give away scenes that reveal major plot points or might indirectly give away the story-line, but I try to give as much sexual/fetish information as possible. The main goal of my kink review is two fold; To explain what sexuality/ fetishistic stuff is present, and to estimate whether it is worth watching from a purely sexual standpoint.


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